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Former students of Torch Trinity can apply for re-admission.
Re-admission Policies
1. In some particular cases, expelled students can reapply to Torch Trinity within ten years from the date of their expulsion. After ten years, they cannot reapply. Students who were dismissed because they were given repeated academic warnings can apply after resting one semester.
2. If students did not pass the oral defenses of their thesis/dissertation, a second re-admission opportunity will be allowed in 2 years for a master's degree program, or 3 years for PhD.
3. Re-admission is only applicable when there is a vacancy in the program. Those who can apply at anytime are (1) students who have completed their coursework and (2) international students.
4. Re-admission students have to pay a re-entrance fee.
5. Students who were dismissed for misconduct that is not re-admissible may not re-apply.
Application deadline for Spring semester: Announced in January
Application deadline for Fall semester: Announced in July
Re-admission is announced on the school website every semester. Applicants must contact the admissions office to apply.
Submit re-admission application to the admissions office before the application deadline.
Re-admission applications will be evaluated upon the documents received. An interview may be requested.
The result will be announced individually.