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Change of Program
Application Period
- Students can only change their program of study within the given application period
- Spring Semester : End of December to the Middle of January
- Fall Semester : End of June to the Middle of July
Possible Changes in Program
- Program : MDiv, MTS, MA, MEd, MWCM, and ThM
- Major 
- Language : English program and Korean program
- Full time / EXPAT
- Students are not allowed to change their program during their first semester of study
- Change of program acceptance will be decided by the Academic Committee
- Students may only change their program once during their entire period of study
  • Fill Out an Application for Change of Program

  • Print Application Form

  • Get Approval from Academic Advisor

  • Submit Application to Admissions Office

  • Application will be Reviewed

  • Student will be Notified of Result

Form Download
Application for Change in Program Major

A Student may be Expelled for the Following Reasons:
- Failure to return to school past the duration of an allowed leave of absence.
- Failure to pay a semester's tuition during the given period.
- Failure to complete a program of study within the given duration of study.
- Holding student status at another graduate level institution or university while enrolled at Torch Trinity Graduate University.
- Doctrinally heretical beliefs, or membership in an identified cult, and failure to display evidence of repentance.
- Receiving more than two official warnings during a term of study. (three times for MDiv)
- Plagiarism or cheating.
  • Notice of Expulsion

  • Meeting of the Student Disciplinary Committee

  • Final Notification of Expulsion

Withdrawal from School
- Submit an application for Withdrawal from School with approval seals from the business office and library to the Academic Office.
- The amount of tuition refunded is determined by the tuition refund policy set by the Ministry of Korean Education, Science, and Technology. Withdrawal date is the day an application for Withdrawal from School was submitted.
Tuition Refund Rates
Withdrawal Time Period Amount of Refund
Before the semester begins Full tuition
Up to 30 days after the semester begins 5/6 of tuition
From 31 days to 60 days after the semester begins 2/3 of tuition
From 61 days to 90 days after the semester begins 1/3 of tuition
After 90 days from the beginning of semester No refund
  • Fill Out an Application for Withdrawal from School

  • Print Application Form

  • Get Clearance Stamps from the Business Office and the Library

  • Submit Application to the Admissions Office

Form Download
withdrawal from School form

Leave of Absence (Stop-Out)
Application Period
- Students may apply for a leave of absence (stop-out) up until the Friday of the fourth week of the semester. (Deadline for Special Stop-out or Extension of Stop-out: until two weeks before the starting day of the semester)
- A student is only allowed to take leaves of absence (stop-out) for 4 semesters during a course of study and must not take a leave of absence that exceeds 2 semesters.
- New students, transfer students, and readmitted students are not allowed to take a leave of absence in their 1st semester.
- Under special circumstances and with the approval of the school president, a student's leave of absence may not be counted against the enrollment timeframe.
- If a student takes a leave of absence after paying for their full semester tuition, they will not receive a refund for that semester. However, the tuition paid will go toward the semester when the student returns.
- When scholarship recipients take a leave of absence, their scholarships will be revoked.
- Student library privileges will be limited during a leave of absence.
Special Stop-out
Reason Required documents Maximum period

Hospitalization/treatment due to illness or accident

Medical Report by a Doctor -
Military duty A Copy of Notice of Military Duty -

Pregnant/maternity leave

Parental leave

Certificate of Birth and other related documents

Pregnant/maternity leave - 1 year

Parental leave - 2 years

  • Fill out an Application for a Leave of Absence
    (Online Service)

  • Print Application Form

  • Get Clearance Stamps from the Business Office and the Library

  • Submit to the Admissions Office

Following students can pay tuition by credit hours 1) Apply to Online service and
2) Confirmed by Advisor, Library and Business office
3) Submitted the form to the Admissions/ Academic office

Form Download

Before downloading the file, please check the required documents on the Scholarship Tabs (TTGU Scholarship, Sponsored Scholarship).

Extension of Stop-out

Return from Stop-out
Application Period for Return from Stop-Out
- Spring Semester : Early February until before the first day of the semester.
- Fall Semester : Early August until before the first day of the semester.
- Apply through Online Service and then notify the TTGU Office (02-570-7365,
- Submit a Return from Leave of Absence form.
- Pay tuition (tuition may have changed since the student stopped out).
- A returning student's course registration must be done during the add/drop period.
- A returning student must pay the semester's tuition in order to check out books on the first day of school.
  • Apply to Online Service
    (Online Service
    Records> Return to school)

  • Notice to the Office
    Tel : 02-570-7365
    email :

  • Pay Tuition and then Register the Courses