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  • Admission-Application Eligibility
    Q1  I am from India and looking for a theological study opportunity. My family cannot support me financially, I wonder if you have any scholarship program for someone like me?

  • Criteria of Torch Strategic Mission Strategic Countries
    Q2 Which country can be included in the mission strategic countries of TSMS?

  • Applying from Korea
    Q3 I am from Mongolia, and currently residing and studying at a Korean university. Can I apply for Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship admissions?

  • Application procedure of T.S.M.S. Admission
    Q4 I would like to apply for T.S.M.S. Admission. How can I apply?

  • Application Deadline
    Q5. When is the last day of application for Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship admission?

  • Competition Rate of TSMS Admissions
    Q6 How competitive the T.S.M.S. Admission is?

  • Program Language
    Q7 I am from Vietnam and majored Korean language at university. I want to study theology in Korean language. Can I apply for T.S.M.S. admission?

  • Availability for a married couple
    Q8 My wife and I intend to study together for further mission work. Can we apply for T.S.M.S. admission at the same time, and do you have a dorm for a married couple?

  • Coverage of T.S.M.S. program
    Q9 According to the admission guideline, T.S.M.S. program offers full scholarship to the selected students. Can we know what covers by the T.S.M.S.?

  • Area of T.S.M.S. Recipient’s Financial Preparation
    Q10 If I was selected as T.S.M.S. recipient, apart from the scholarship provided by school, what areas should I, as a recipient, personally prepare for my study and living in Korea?

  • Responsibility of T.S.M.S. recipients
    Q11 Will there be any specific responsibilities to the T.S.M.S. recipients?

  • T.S.M.S. PhD Study program
    Q12 I am looking for Ph.D. study opportunity. Does TTGU offer TSMS for the PhD program students?

  • Required Documents for Application: Exemption of Official English Score
    Q13 I am from Ghana, and studied my elementary, secondary, and higher education in English. Do I still need to submit an official English score? Can I be exempted from submitting the official English scores?

  • Acquired Degree Certification
    Q14 We have read that acquired degree should be submitted after an official verification. Do you have any guidelines for degree attestation?

  • Students Visa
    Q15 I plan to apply for T.S.M.S. admission, if I come to Korea for my study, when and how can I get a visa to Korea?

  • Arrival to Korea
    Q16 If I want to be admitted for the Spring semester, by when should I arrive in Korea?

  • How to get to Torch Trinity Graduate University
    Q17 I would like to come and visit Torch Trinity. How can I get to Torch Trinity from the Incheon Airport by the public transportation?

  • Other scholarships available for Internationals
    Q18 Do you have any other scholarship available for international students?

  • TTGU Student body
    Q19 How big is the student body of TTGU? What is the proportion of the international students at Torch Trinity?

  • Pick-up Service
    Q20 I am a newly accepted international student. This is my first visit to Korea.
    I am a bit nervous to come to school from the airport by myself.
    Does Torch Trinity Graduate University offer any pickup service for the incoming student?