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Transfer Credits

Exchange of Credits
Students registered at graduate schools can take several courses at Torch Trinity for credit exchange. There are two types: domestic and international.
Students registered at graduate schools can apply for credit exchange at Torch Trinity for up to two semesters.
a. Domestic: Students from Korean graduate schools can apply for credit exchange. Both the student and school need to send official letters to Torch Trinity regarding the exchange.
b. International: Students coming from outside Korea can apply for credit exchange. Currently, they must be processed under international admissions until a proper memorandum of understanding (MOU) is established between their school and ours. Until then, they and their school must also send official letters regarding the exchange.
Exchange Policies
The Exchange of Credits application should be sent as an official letter. The letter must include the student's name, degree program, period of exchange, and relevant information about courses and credits.
Students should pay tuition per credit with a registration fee
Grading will follow Torch Trinity's grading standards.
Academic records will be sent directly to the school. Students cannot issue a transcript from Torch Trinity.
Application Process
  • Application/Official Letter
    Submission to the Academic Office

  • Academic Dean’s Approval

  • Course Registration and Fee Payment

Transfer Credits
Incoming students who have studied at a masters or doctoral level at recognized institutions of theology may have their previous work accepted for transfer.
Achieved credits from accredited graduate schools can be transferred. Credits from unaccredited schools and undergraduate credits cannot be transferred.
Credits from a course that is the same or similar to a course in our curriculum can be transferred.
Maximum Transfer Credits
MDiv : Up to 28 credits
MA : Up to 15 credits
MTS, MEd, MWCM : Up to 12 credits
ThM : Up to 9 credits
Transfer Policies
Students are eligible to transfer coursework for which they received a grade of B- or greater (A- for ThM students).
Grades for transferred coursework (for which a student has received transfer credits) are not factored into the degree program’s cumulative GPA.
Students are not allowed to register for a course that is the same or similar to a course for which they have received transfer credits. Student must apply for a cancellation of transfer credits to register for that course at Torch Trinity.
Applicants who have been accepted into Torch Trinity for a degree program must submit an Application for Transfer of Credits before registering for their first semester.
Application Process
  • Submit Application for Transfer of Credits

  • Evaluation/Screening

  • Credit Transfer Approval

Students who get the transfer credit can register the rest courses.