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  • Q: [Application] An applicant obtained a degree from an overseas university, what are the required accreditation certification approval of the degree?


    If an applicant has obtained a degree from an overseas university, an Apostille certificate or consular confirmation must be issued and submitted to prove that the graduate certificate is an official document of the country where the degree was obtained.

    For documents not written in Korean or English, a notarized translation in Korean or English must be attached. If you are applying through an agency in Korea, it may take up to two months. We recommend that you apply well in advance of the admission deadline to avoid delays.


    1. Graduates from a university in Apostille convention Country (

    Submit the graduate certificate with an Apostille.

    Apostille issuance procedure:

    Issuance of graduate certificate (or transcript) in the relevant country → (Notarized by the notarized office in case of private documents) → Visit Apostille issuing organization → Apply for Apostille issuance → Review by Apostille issuing agency → Issuance of Apostille


    2. Graduates from a university in other countries

    Submit the graduate certificate confirmed by the Consular of the Korean Embassy in the country where the certificate is issued or the foreign embassy in Korea.

    3. Graduates from a university in China

    Submit the 'Degree Certificate' issued by CHSI (

    If you want to get the documents in Korea, contact Confucius Institute in Seoul.

    Website: > Chinese academic credentials certification

    Phone:82-2-554-2688, Email:



  • Q: [Open House] What is Open House?

    Every year Torch Trinity offers a special program called “Open House” for the prospective applicant.
    It is time to introduce Torch Trinity and give more specific and practical information for the Admissions. Participants for the open house will earn information about the each degree programs offers at Torch Trinity, and will get to meet faculty. Getting an opportunity to auditing classes will be another benefit the participant will get.

  • Q: [Open House] How can I register for Open House?

    Application for the Open House will be available through online from August.

  • Q: [Denominations / Ordainment] Is the school affiliated to any denomination?

    Torch Trinity does not belong to any particular denomination. Torch Trinity Graduate University is an evangelical theological school that interacts with evangelical denominations or churches. Our faculty and students are from different denominations, including Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican Assembly of God, and else.

  • Q: [Denominations / Ordainment] How can I be ordained?

    Torch Trinity Graduate University is non-denominational, and affiliated with the Korea Association of Independent Churches and Missions (KAICAM).

    Master of Divinity (MDiv) graduate who has 2 years of ministry experience is qualified to apply for the examination by KAICAM to be ordained. The ordination ceremony is held in April and October every year. Korean Association of Independent Churches and Missions (KAICAM)

  • Q: [Denominations / Ordainment] 목사안수는 어떻게 받게 되나요?

    본교 목회학석사(MDiv)과정을 졸업하고 2년 이상의 사역경력을 갖추면 본교가 속해 있는 (사)한국독립교회·선교단체연합회(KAICAM)에서 목사고시에 응시하여 안수를 받을 수 있습니다. 응시자격, 신청절차 및 목사안수에 관한 자세한 사항은 (사)한국독립교회·선교단체연합회에 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.



  • Q: [Denominations / Ordainment] 횃불트리니티신학대학원대학교 졸업생들의 진로가 궁금합니다.

    본교 졸업생은 일반적으로 목회 및 사역현장으로 나아가거나, 상위 학위취득을 위해 국내외 학교로 진학하고 있습니다. 국내 및 선교 현지에서 교회개척 및 교수사역을 하거나, 다양한 기독교 기관 및 단체에서 교수, 상담가, 행정가 등으로 활발히 사역하고 있습니다.

  • Q: [Accreditation / Credit Transfer] Can I transfer credits achieved in other seminary?

    If a new student who had studied from other accredited graduate school in the same or similar degree program, he/ she may apply for transfer credits earned from the previous school (B- or higher for MDiv, MA, MTS, MEd, MWCM / A- or higher for ThM students). Transferred credit can be replaced by the same subject under TTGU curriculum.


    *Maximum credits for transfer.
    MDiv: Up to 28 Credits
    MA: Up to 15 Credits

    MTS, MEd, MWCM: Up to 12 Credits
    ThM : Up to 9 Credits


    For the application for transfer credit, a new student should submit the ‘Application of Credit Transfer’ form with the original transcript of the previous school within the announced application period.

  • Q: [Accreditation / Credit Transfer] Can English program students take Korean class?

    English program students can only take up to 3 credits of elective course in Korean; however Korean program students can take courses in English as much as they can.

  • Q: [Accreditation / Credit Transfer] What is the feature of Torch Trinity?

    Torch Trinity Graduate University is trying to focus on educating and equipping effective ministry leaders who will bring the whole gospel to the whole world. One of the great strengths Torch Trinity is proud of is its multi-cultural and multi-language backgrounds. Students from different nations can study together exchanging their opinions on Christian philosophy and faith, and learn from other with different perspectives. Students can learn a lot about different cultures, languages, and Christian ideas in each country while studying and living with students from all over the world. Our English courses are conducted in English, and about 25% of our students are international and multicultural. This will reduce the burden on language when you go to the mission field after graduation, or continue your degree in a foreign country, and you can get great help by meeting our graduates from your mission field. Students in Korean program can experience a different educational environment in preparation for ministry at home and abroad in this international environment.

  • Q: [Application] What are the required documents for application?

    For the required documents for application, please refer to the school website on the section of Admissions. Please aware that required documents for application differs from each program and each type of admissions.

  • Q: [Application] In the case a pastoral reference from the senior pastor is not possible.

    If the applicant is unable to obtain a reference letter from a senior pastor, he/she can replace it with a reference letter from any other pastor or cell group pastor who can tell about the spiritual aspects of the applicant. (In this case, the applicant must indicate the reason for the change of reference on the application form.)

    Please be sure that under any circumstances, applicant’s family member or relatives are not allowed to write a reference letter for the applicant. When the applicant himself/herself is a senior pastor or the applicant goes to the church where family or relative are ministering, the applicant can replace it with a reference letter from other pastor who is familiar with the spiritual capability of the applicant. (In this case, the applicant must indicate the reason for the change of reference on the application form.)

  • Q: [Application] In the case the academic advisor or professor is unavailable, or ten or more years have passed after graduation

    If you are unable to obtain a academic reference from the academic advisor or professor, you can substitute it with a reference letter from a professor, teacher, church Bible study leader, community training leader, or boss/colleague who is familiar with the academic capability of the applicant. (In this case, the applicant must indicate the reason for the change of reference on the application form.) However, doctoral candidates must obtain a recommendation from their advisor.

  • Q: [Application] If the reference is unable to utilize English.

    All English Program applicants must submit reference letters in English. Yet if the reference is unable to utilize English, the applicant must request translation of the reference letter by a third person. The original reference letter must be sealed and delivered to the translator, and the translator must seal in envelope both the original letter and the translated reference letter. The applicant is not allowed to see the reference letter in any form, and must submit it as in a sealed envelope.

  • Q: [Application] What is the applicable document for Special Admissions for missionary abroad?

    Certificate of missionary activity issued by the sending church or mission organization is required.
    It also should contain sending body and date, field, ministry language, and the duration of ministry and must be an official document.

  • Q: [Application] I have official transcript issued in two years ago. Can I use it for application?

    Only certificates issued within six months are valid. Please submit a new one. Please submit both certificate/ confirmation of graduation, and transcript in English and Korean as well.

  • Q: [Application] I graduated from outside Korea. How Can I get the accreditation certification approval for?

    Graduates of foreign universities / graduate schools must submit their graduation certificates and transcripts accredited. Please follow the instructions below to get certified

    1. Accreditation certification approval of overseas university

    A. Universities in the U.S.: Please submit an accreditation certificate from Korean-American Educational Commission(Tel. +82-2-3275-4000) or Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA,

    B. Universities in China: Please submit an approved certificate of graduation and official transcript in English from Confucius Institute in Seoul (, 高等生信息网   (,
    or 育部与研究生展中心 (

    ※As for universities in China, it will take about 2 months to issue.

    C. Universities in country of Apostille Treaty: Please submit an apostille for certificate of graduation and official transcript

    ※Updated list of Contracting States (

    D. Universities in other countries: Please submit an approved certificate of graduation and official transcript with an overseas university accreditation letter by local Korean Embassy

  • Q: [Entrance Exam] I would like to apply for the Korean program. Is there a minimum English score for the Korean program?

    No. Applicants will not be disqualified just for having low English scores. English is not the only category for the evaluation. Admission Evaluation categories are consists of paper screening, Bible Exam, English Exam, interview, and personal inventory test. The Korean program does not require a minimum score for English, so the applicant will not be rejected only for the low English score. However it is encouraged for students in the Korean program to develop their English proficiency for their study and life at Torch Trinity.

  • Q: [Entrance Exam] Where can I buy a “Bible Exam Study Guide”?

    In order to help the prospective applicants’ preparation for the Bible exam, Torch Trinity Biblical Research Center offers a "Bible exam study guide" both in English and Korean. It is purchasable in the Admissions Office.

  • Q: [Entrance Exam] Interview is to evaluate the applicant’s biblical knowledge?

    TTGU Admission Interview is to have comprehensive review on the applicant’s motivation for seminary study, pre-knowledge about the major, spiritual maturity, appropriateness for the ministry, leadership, and personality. Usually three faculty members join the interview, and ask questions about applicants’ vision, faith, and plans for research or study. For the interview, around 20 minutes of time will be given. For the English program applicants, interview will be also used to exam applicant’s English proficiency as well.