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How Can I Apply



If you are interested in applying for the admissions to Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship program, please submit your online pre-application.

T.S.M.S. online pre-application is to examine your eligibility to apply for T.S.M.S. Admission program prior to your actual full application submission.

TTGU Admissions office will review the credential of applicant’s acquired degree(s),and academic readiness for their applied program.

Pre-application evaluation is required for ALL applicants who wish to apply for Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship Admissions. This will be available all year round.

The result of the pre-application evaluation will be informed to the individual applicant within a month.



For your online pre-application, please click the below button.


How Can I Apply?



Step 1. Complete the ONLINE PRE-APPLICATION- Available all year round

Step 2. Send all the APPLICATION Documents by POST- Only those who pass PRE-APPLICATION EVALUATION


For Spring 2022 Admission:
APPLICATION Documents should be submitted to the office by September 10, 2021

Please refer to admissions guideline for admissions qualifications, admissions schedule, required documents and exams. Admission Guide Download


Any inquiries at