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Torch Trinity Center for Spiritual Formation and Practical Theology
Torch Trinity Center for Spiritual Formation and Practical Theology (TTCSP) was founded in 2018 and was established basing itself on evangelistic theories and doctrines in order to provide various kinds of spiritual support for pastors, ministers, missionaries and other church members. In particular, TTSCP provide programs such as spiritual disciplines, worship and preaching studies and leadership programs that will help their spiritual maturation and enhancement of their ministry experience. There are three different departments within the center: (1) Spirituality Studies Department (2) Worship and Preaching Studies Department and (3) Leadership Studies Department.

[Spiritual Formation Department]
1. Support spiritual formation of seminary students by introducing mentors or spiritual directors.
2. For both missionaries and church members, Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction programs are offered.
- In collaboration with Continuing Education Center, “Christian Spirituality Academy” will operate. Currently Christian Spirituality Academy is made up of two different programs—“Spiritual Formation Program“ and “Spiritual Direction Program”
- 6 Week Program for “Group Spiritual Formation”
- Spiritual Retreat for 3 nights and 4 days will take place during summer and winter
- Obtain and organize spiritual directors list so that the directors can be paired up with those who wish to receive spiritual direction.
3. Share the results of studies that are related to Spiritual Formation and Christian Spirituality.


[Worship and Preaching Department]
1. Provide worship theories and programs for ministers.
2. Provide “Preaching Clinic Program” for ministers.
3. Provide “Alternative Ministry Program” for ministers.
4. Support publishing studies related to worship and preaching.


[Leadership Studies Department]
1. Provide studies and programs for biblical leadership and discipleship.
2. Provide leadership programs for female ministers and pastors.



Director and Department Head for Worship and Preaching: Dr. Deok Weon Ahn

Department Head for Spiritual Studies: Dr. Kang Hack Lee

Department Head for Leadership Studies: Dr. Jung-Sook Lee


Ms. In-jung Teresa Park


TTCSP Google Classroom

 Class code: zp3yqwe


Location: B1, contact: / 02)570-7565

Center for Biblical Research

The Torch Trinity Center for Biblical Research (TTCBR) opened in 2006 with the mission to contribute to the development of biblical studies by facilitating and distributing evangelical biblical research. The center was created with the following objectives

To foster and conduct rigorous research in the study of Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments.
To play a key role in building up evangelical interpretations of Scripture and in supporting world mission.
To publish resources and materials in support of biblical scholars, pastors, and seminarians in research and ministry.
To train the next generation of biblical researchers.In this endeavor, TTCBR currently facilitates several projects, including conducting academic seminars and major conferences, publishing a biblical studies journal, and supporting a biblical languages institute and an English colloquium for biblical scholars in Korea.
* Director: Dr. Steven Chang, Assistant: Ms. In-jung Teresa Park

Academic Seminar
성서학연구센터01 TTCBR holds OT and NT seminars twice each semester, both for biblical studies students and for the larger seminary community. The seminars are open to all Torch Trinity students, faculty, and staff, including alumni/ae and guests of students and faculty. Special seminars continue in 2014 on textual criticism, interpretation of the OT, and other relevant issues in biblical studies.


Major Conference
Periodically, TTCBR, in collaboration with other schools and research centers, plans to host and support major biblical studies conferences and lecture series with renowned biblical scholars from abroad. The purpose of these events is to encourage and inform biblical studies in Korea and in Asia. In May 2007, the first lecture series hosted Professor Anthony Thiselton of the University of Nottingham, England, renowned for his publications in biblical hermeneutics and most recently the definitive commentary on the Greek text of 1 Corinthians. Special lectures and seminars for Dr. Peter Enns (OT) from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, USA, and Prof. H. J. Bernard Combrink (NT) of the University of Stellenbosh, South Africa were held in 2008. In September 2014, Dr. Glen Taylor presented his article on the Psalms as a book about Jesus Christ as the suffering Messiah. 성서학연구센터02
English Colloquium
TTCBR sponsors and facilitates a colloquium of scholars who see the need to develop publications in English to contribute to worldwide biblical scholarship. The group of like-minded Korean and international scholars meet six times a year, presenting papers and debating issues in the English language. These scholars are committed to rigorous biblical scholarship and to publishing the results of their research in English for the international setting. The purpose of the colloquium is to develop Korean and Asian biblical studies to participate and influence biblical scholarship outside of Asia.
Bible Lecture Series
Every semester, TTCBR is opening bible lecture series for pastors and lay leaders who want to study bible more deeply, including our students and alumni.
Institute for Biblical Languages
The institute encourages the learning and usage of the biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek, by organizing bible studies and reading clubs in the original languages. In addition, the institute offers formal and intensive elementary Greek, both in English and in Korean, during the summer and winter breaks for MDiv students or any interested persons in a safe and comfortable learning environment, using the latest textbooks and technology. The intensive course during the summer/winter is equivalent to a full year of undergraduate beginning Greek and lasts four to five weeks. The course is divided into two parts, equivalent to two semesters. Students may choose to take one part if they wish. The goal of the course is to guide students to translation proficiency of most NT texts with minimal help. The Institute for Biblical Languages has developed and administers the Greek Proficiency Exam, which is a prerequisite for Greek exegesis courses at Torch Trinity. The proficiency exam is officially offered at least four times a year and tests basic translation competency, vocabulary, and verb parsing. Exams for higher levels of language proficiency are planned in the near future for those preparing for doctoral-level studies, both in Greek and in Hebrew. All successful candidates receive an official certificate of proficiency and this record remains on file permanently with the Institute.

: Director : Dr. Soon Jin Choi (OT)
: Dr. Cristian G. Rata (OT)
: Dr. Soon Jin Choi (OT)
: Dr. Hannah S. An (OT)
: Dr. Steven Chang (NT)
: Dr. Euichang Kim (NT)

 : Dr. Sook Goo Shin (NT)

: Assistant : Ms. In-jung Teresa Park
Location : Building Floor B1, Contact : 02)570-7383 

Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies

In 1992, the Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies (TTCIS) was established to cultivate a healthy atmosphere and attitude towards missions to Muslims. To this endeavor, the center has continuously been studying, publishing, and promoting ministry between the Korean church and the Islamic world.

The first half of this year opened with the center's Arabic language lectures, which is continuously very popular among various demographics. The center holds a beginner's Arabic class. The participants of the beginner's class will then later be able to take intermediate and advanced classes. The advanced class will allow students to read the Quran.

The center's journal, Muslim-Christian Encounter, publishes substantial material on Islamic theology, politics, and culture that are useful for ministry in the Islamic context. Two journal editions will be published in this year.


As TTCIS has been faithfully publishing its newsletter, Ishmael, Our Brother, for the past four years, the number of issues will be reached 121 later this year. It will contain dissertations and book reviews by missionaries as well as news and issues from the mission field.


Twice a year (spring/fall), open lectures on Islam are held by TTCIS for anyone who is interested in going or supporting missions in Islamic countries, maybe as missionaries, church leaders, and students or as professional lay persons. Our guest lecturers and speakers—all experts in the field of Islam mission and culture—bring valuable understanding of Islam theology and culture. Main topics for the lectures are understanding Islam, the theology of Islam, Muslim women and society, revival movements of Islam, Islamic Da’wah and how to evangelize Muslims, etc.

For more information, please contact TTCIS at 02)570-7563.

Torch Trinity Center for Education & Ministry

The Torch Trinity Center for Education & Ministry (TTCEM) exists for the benefit of local churches. TTCEM opened in 2009 in order to equip others to reach and teach people for Jesus Christ. TTCEM serves


To train and teach Christian leaders in local churches.
To support leaders to carry out effective educational & discipleship ministries in churches by providing access to educational resources.
To publish practical and academic research resources and materials in support of Christian leaders.
To facilitate fellowship and share helpful information and insights by networking leaders.


For these purposes, TTCEM currently facilitates several projects. TTCEM hosts a networking seminar, English camp, a Christian education expert training program for church leaders & educators, and an annual conference. The Center plans to publish educational journals and books.


ACSI Teacher Certificate Program

Since TTGU became a Higher Education Approved Partner with Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) on August 4, 2014, Torch Trinity Center for Education and Ministry has been running “ACSI Teacher Certificate Program,” through which all TTGU students (including graduates) can obtain an ACSI authenticated professional teacher certificate, recognized by ACSI member schools (nearly 24,000 schools as of 2016) and Christian schools all over the world.

For more information (Click here)

Children’s Pastor’s Network Program
TTCEM holds a monthly Children's Pastor's Network seminar focusing on a different area of ministry each month. This is open to all Christian leaders, but is designed especially for children's pastors. We share helpful information and insights through this networking seminar.
Christian Education Expert Training Program
This program offers practical how-to information about running an effective Sunday school program. Topics include effective management of children's English worship service, biblical education for teachers, and systematic English teaching from infancy and childhood. This program combines theory and practice and helps pastors and teachers establish their ministries.
English Children’s Ministry Conference
TTCEM hold an annual English Children's Ministry Conference in the spring. The conference combines lectures and practice, led by leading pastors and scholars. By sharing, praying, and worshipping together, the participants are refreshed and encouraged for ministry. A book fair is held on-site so that participants can also buy books and resources for ministry
Global Kids Project- Summer Camp for Children
TTCEM holds a summer camp for children as part of the Global Kids Project. This program is designed to train the next generation of Christian leaders and to promote cultural exchanges and understanding between Korean and American students.
Future Ministry Plan, including Educational Studies Journal
TTCEM plans to publish educational journals and books through practical and academic research in support of Christian leaders in research and ministry. Plans are in development for future programs such as a TESOL program, spiritual discipline program, youth leadership program, and a parenting program.
Director : Hyun-Joo Oh (Ph.D., Biola University, Talbot School of Theology)
Associate Director : Sinai Chung (Ph.D., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary)
Associate Director : Pastor Bok-Ae Park (Th.M., Torch Trinity Graduated University)
Assistant: In-jung Teresa Park (MA, Torch Trinity Graduate University)
Assistant : Kyeong-Bok Lee (Ph.D. student, Torch Trinity Graduate University)
                     l-Young Jeong (MACE, student, Torch Trinity Graduate University)
For more information, please contact TTCEM at 02)570-7565


Torch Trinity Counseling Center was founded to take care of (1) people, (2) the local church, and (3) the worldwide church through overseas missions. We train professional Christian counselors to integrate the Bible and the study of counseling into their practice. Based on the practice of Christian counseling, our first goal is to lead people into healthier and balanced Christian lifestyles. Our second purpose is to develop and offer professional counseling programs for the local church so that they can build people up and spread the Good News effectively. Lastly, we offer assistance to people overseas especially in the mission fields. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the Center.


With gratitude,
Kyungwha Hong
Director of Torch Trinity Counseling Center



Provides clinical training to educate professional Christian counselors who are equipped with mature and evangelical faiths, and outstanding counseling skills.
Develops counseling programs to support mission fields throughout the world, including selecting and training of missionary candidates and helping missionaries and their family.
Provides English counseling services for those who speak English.
Provides various kinds of psychological tests and counseling programs for students at Torch Trinity Graduate University supporting them to become ministers with mature and well-balanced characters.
Develops and provides various counseling-related small group programs to help Korean Christians to mature and recover according to their needs.

Director: Dr. Kyungwha Hong
General Manager : Ms. Eun Young Kim
Assistant : Ms. Seong Hee Shin
Professor: Dr. Yong tae Kim, Dr. Eun-Young Choi, Dr. Eunnie R. Rhee
For more information, please contact TTCCC at 02)570-7115.