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Chapel & Group Activities

Small Group Activities
- Members per Group: about 16-17 students
- Small groups will meet several times during the semester. In the English-program, small groups will meet on Wednesdays. In the Korean-program, small groups will meet on Saturdays.
- Required Attendance: Attendance is included as part of chapel attendance. A student's chapel attendance rate (including group attendance) must be above 75% to fulfill the chapel requirement necessary for graduation.

  Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Time 3:40 pm - 4:20 pm 11: 20 am - 12:10 pm 4 pm - 4:45 pm 11: 50 am -12: 30 pm
Note Korean Chapel English Chapel Combined Chapel Korean Chapel
Venue Ha Yong Jo Memorial Chapel Room 203
Attendance Requirement for Graduation
Program Required Semesters Day of the week Attendance
MDiv 6 semesters Twice a Week(Tue/Thu) Students must attend a minimum of 75% of all chapel services and small group meetings
4 semesters Twice a Week(Tue/Thu)

Once a Week(Thu)
MDiv 6 semesters Twice a Week
(Thu/ Mon or Sat)
MA CC, MTS 4 semesters Once a Week(Thu)
MWCM 4 semesters Twice a Week
(Thu/ Mon or Sat)
1. Chapel attendance includes Small Group participation.
2. Student can check their attendance on New Online Service. ("Record" -> Search for "Chapel Attendance")
3. Students cannot graduate without meeting the minimum requirement for chapel attendance. Students who fail the requirements must meet the chapelain for discipline and instruction on how the missing hours will be compensated.
4. TSMS students must attend Tuesday and Thursday chapels regardless of their degree program.
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