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In partnership with the Frederick Buechner Center (USA), Torch Trinity is pleased to announce its semi-annual Fredrick Buechner Contest in Writing and Preaching (Fall 2019). The aim of the contest is to encourage excellence in theological writing and preaching for the next generation of burgeoning ministers who are committed to sound biblical exegesis and theological reflection.



I. Qualifications:

  • Any student enrolled in the master-level program (MDiv, MTS, MA, ThM, etc).

II. Submission Rules:

1) The Writing Award:

  • Theme: “Enduring Love”

  • Submit a well-crafted theological essay of between 500 to 1000 words on the given topic.

2) The Preaching Award:

  • Submit a ten-minute video of one’s preaching and its manuscript (MP4 or a YouTube/Vimeo link) on any topic of one’s choice. The recording could be made either in a live setting (church, class, etc.) or at one’s own premise without an audience. 

NOTE:  A few contestants may be invited to submit their manuscripts based on recommendations from the faculty (OT/NT/PT dept). The faculty panel may ask for a video to those who were recommended (if necessary).

III. Other Information:


1) Students in the English program must submit in English and those in the Korean program must submit in Korean.
2) All submissions (in MS Word format) must be emailed to by Thurs, Oct 31, 2019 to be eligible.
3) Submissions will be judged by both peers and faculty members. The student council panel will review submissions and recommend the top three candidates to the faculty panel. The faculty panel will then decide on the final winners. 
4) The awards will be presented to the winning student at the last joint chapel on Thurs, Nov 21, 2019. The award amount is 250,000 KRW per each winner.




프레드릭 비크너 어워드


글쓰기 & 설교






샬롬! 미국 프레드릭 비크너 재단과의 협력 하에 횃불트리니신학대학원대학교에서는 매 학기 마다 글쓰기와 설교에 우수한 학생을 선발하여 시상합니다. 많은 분들의 참여를 바랍니다.




* 마감일 엄수: 20191031()


* 제출 방법: 로 이멜을 보낼 것


1. 글쓰기: 인내하는 사랑이란 주제와 관련하여 A4 2-4 쪽 분량의 수필을 써서 제출하십시오(아래한글이나 워드로 작성할 것).


2. 설교: 자유 주제로 10분 분량의 ‘설교문 ‘설교동영상을 제출하십시오(MP4나 유투브 링크). 설교상의 경우 설교를 제출하신 분들과 함께 설교학 교수님들의 추천을 받은 약간 명의 학생들을 후보로 올립니다.


3. 원우회는 세 명의 후보를 선발하여 심사위원(교수 3)에게 제출하며 최종 수상자는 교수 심사위원들이 결정합니다.




4. 시상은 11 21() 종강 채플에서 이루어집니다. 상금은 개인당 25만원입니다.



Revised Sept 17, 2019