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Apply for Stop-out & Return

휴학 및 복학안내




* Application Period(신청기간)

:Jan. 28(Mon) ~ Mar. 29(Fri) (1 28() ~ 329 ()까지)

1) Please apply for stop-out through the New Online Service and Print the

Application Form: Records >Application for Stop-out


2) Get confirmation from your Advisor and related department

(Business office and Library) (지도교수, 사무처, 도서관에들러확인받음)

3) Then, Submit the Application Form to the Academic Office (교학처제출)
* If you apply to stop-out for the health reason, please attach a medical report issued by the doctor.






* Application Period(신청기간)

: Jan. 28(Mon) ~ Feb. 15(Fri) (128() ~ 215())


1) Please apply for Return from Stop-out through the New Online Service

(no document)
Records >Application for Return from Stop-out


2) Then let us know about it (02-570-7365,