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Apply for Stop-out & Return 

휴학 복학 안내



* Application Period(신청기간)

 : Jan. 25(Wed) ~ Mar. 29 (Wed) 3 29(수요일)까지

1) Please apply for stop-out through the New TTGU Online Service and Print the Application Form: Personal Records > Application for Stop-out

   (New TTGU Online Service > 학적 > 휴학신청 출력)

2) Get confirmation from your Advisor and related department

(Business office and Library) (지도교수, 사무처, 도서관에 들러 확인 받음)

3) Then, Submit the Application Form to the Academic Office (교학처 제출)
    * If you apply to stop-out for the health reason, please attach a medical report issued by the doctor. (
질병 휴학일 경우 병원 진단서 첨부바람)



* Application Period(신청기간)

: Jan. 25 (Wed) ~ Feb. 28 (Tue) 1 25() ~ 2 28()


1)  Please apply for Return from Stop-out through the New TTGU Online Service (no document)
   Personal Records > Application for Return from Stop-out

   (New TTGU Online Service > 학적 > 복학 신청)

2) Then let us know about it (02-570-7376,  

   (교학처에 반드시 확인 연락)