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Leave of Absence (Stop-Out)
Application Period
- Students may apply for a leave of absence (stop-out) up until the Friday of the fourth week of the semester. (Deadline for Special Stop-out or Extension of Stop-out: until two weeks before the starting day of the semester)
- A student is only allowed to take leaves of absence (stop-out) for 4 semesters during a course of study and must not take a leave of absence that exceeds 2 semesters.
- New students, transfer students, and readmitted students are not allowed to take a leave of absence in their 1st semester.
- Under special circumstances and with the approval of the school president, a student's leave of absence may not be counted against the enrollment timeframe.
- If a student takes a leave of absence after paying for their full semester tuition, they will not receive a refund for that semester. However, the tuition paid will go toward the semester when the student returns.
- When scholarship recipients take a leave of absence, their scholarships will be revoked.
- Student library privileges will be limited during a leave of absence.
Special Stop-out
Reason Required documents Maximum period
Medical conditions Medical Report by a Doctor -
Military duty A Copy of Notice of Military Duty -
Long-term overseas mission Employment Certificate 5 years
Long-term overseas affairs of Student(or spouse) Employment Certificate 5 years
Pregnant/maternity leave Certificate of Birth 1 year
  • Fill out an Application for a Leave of Absence
    (Online Service)

  • Print Application Form

  • Get Clearance Stamps from the Business Office and the Library

  • Submit to the Admissions Office

Following students can pay tuition by credit hours 1) Apply to Online service and
2) Confirmed by Advisor, Library and Business office
3) Submitted the form to the Admissions/ Academic office

Form Download

Before downloading the file, please check the required documents on the Scholarship Tabs (TTGU Scholarship, Sponsored Scholarship).

Extension of Stop-out