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Tuition Payment
Tuition Bill
You can check and print your tuition bill at TTGU Online Service.
Go to “Registration,” “Tuition Bill,” and click on “Print_Tuition Bill” at the bottom of the page.
1) Wire Transfer: Wire tuition to the virtual bank account given by the school within the set period.
2) Offline Payment: Visit a bank with the tuition bill and pay within the given period.
Check your virtual bank account at New Online Service ("Registration," "Tuition Bill"). Only one virtual account number is given per student. The account will be with Woori bank and will begin with “264-“ or "265-."
A service fee may be charged if you wire or pay from a bank other than Woori Bank.
Tuition payments should be made in full.
Wire transfers cannot be made to your virtual account from certain types accounts, such as a CMA account.
You can check your tuition payment at the Woori Bank homepage,
Fee per Credit Hours
Students in the following categories can pay tuition per credit hour 1) Students in the Expat Program
2) Students taking courses past the duration of their program
3) Students taking more than the maximum number of credits per semester
Fee Per Credit Hour

(as of year 2021)

Program Fee Per Credit Note
M.Div. 240,000  
M.T.S. 340,000  
MWCM 350,000  
M.A. 300,000  
Th.M. 440,000  
M.Ed. 395,000  
Ph.D. 500,000  
Student Loans from the Korea Student Aid Foundation
Apply at
Please be advised that students who have already paid their tuition in full or have applied for installment payments cannot apply for a student loan.