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Course Registration

Retake & Across Programs

If a student does not pass a course, it can be retaken.

If you got grade C+ or below, You can retake that course.

Passing Grade Standards
MDiv, MTS, MA, MEd, MWCM, ThM : D (F is a failing grade)
PhD : B- (C+ or lower is a failing grade)
Course Substitution
If a student has to retake a required course and that course is no longer being offered due to curriculum changes, the student is to take a substitute course and get a passing grade. Students can find out the substitute course information at the school online service or at the Academic Office. In case there is no designated substitute course, students are to follow the procedure below and register for the course.
  • Fill out Application for Course Substitution

  • Consult the Department Chair and
    the Dean of Academic Programs for Approval

  • Submit the Form to the Academic Office

Grades for Retaken Courses or Substitute Courses
When retaking a course or a substitute course, the grade for the failed course will be marked as GR (Grade Replaced) on the transcript. The grade for the course and overall GPA will be changed after retaking a class, but academic warning records given based on grades for the previous semester will not be changed.
Across Programs
Students may register for courses across the English and Korean (E/K) programs based on the following standard.
Standards for Taking Courses Across Programs
Korean program students can take as many English courses (required and elective) as they desire.
English program students can take up to 3 credits (for MDiv, up to 5 credits) throughout the entire degree program.