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Course Registration

Course Registration
Course Registration
Registration Period for Continuing Students
- Spring Semester : 1 week at the middle of Feb.
- Fall Semester : 1week at the middle of Aug.

Registration Period for Students who are Returning from Stop-out
- During the Course Add/Drop Period
Students can register for courses through the online service linked to the school’s website. Click on "New Online Service" and log in with your ID and password to add the courses you wish to take from the Course Registration menu.

Maximum Credits for Each Program
Degree Program Maximum Credits Per Semester Notes
MDiv 17 Credits - Students cannot enroll in a modular class in their final semester
- Tuition covers the maximum amount of credits as listed on left.
- Students may exceed the maximum amount of credits by up to 2 credits (3 credits for MDiv). Students are responsible to pay for each excess credit.
MA 14 Credits
MTS 12 Credits
MEd 11 Credits
MWCM 12 Credits
ThM 9 Credits
PhD 10 Credits
Course Add/Drop (Course Correction)
Period : From one week of the semester
Go to the school’s website > Online Service > New Online Service, log in, and add/drop courses from Course Registration > Course Add/Drop.
If a student wants to take credit hours over the credit maximum, it cannot be added online. The student must submit a Course Add/Drop Request form to the Academic Office within the Course Add/Drop period (Tuition for the extra credit should be paid afterwards during a set period).
Final Registered Course List Submission
Period : A set period after the Course Add/Drop period ends (normally 1 week)
When the course add/drop period ends, students must print out a final list of registered courses from the New Online Service > My Course List and submit it to the Academic Office. The copy submitted may be used as a proof document for student course registration.
Notes Regarding Course Registration
Continuing students must register for next semester's courses in advance (before the current semester ends). Students returning from stopping-out cannot register in advance; they must register during the Course Add/Drop period after their return.
Courses requiring prerequisites can be registered after passing the required course.
English-program students may take up to 3 credits (up to 5 credits for EMDiv) of Korean-program electives throughout their studies.
Korean-program students can take English-program courses without any limitation of credits.
In the case that a new student in the PhD program for Christian Counseling does not have a Theology-related master’s degree, the student is required to take theology courses in their first year, and pay tuition as an MTS student would.