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Teaching the Word! Changing the World!


The PhD in Theology is a 3-year program primarily designed to produce quality instructors, who are able to research, teach, and administrate in institutions of higher education, especially in missional settings. The program will prepare graduates to teach multiple disciplines, to develop and run theological Bible colleges and seminaries, and to lead research and publication in an area of specialization. The Theology Area is divided into 4 sub-areas which are Biblical Studies, Historical/Theological Studies, Intercultural Studies, and Educational Studies.
Language & Course Schedule

English Only - Monday to Friday: 9:20 am - 6:00 pm, 2-3 days per week, and modular classes.
- Biblical Studies
- Historical/Theological Studies
- Intercultural Studies
- Educational Studies

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactorily pass 23 credits and 5 units of Guided Research
Obtain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (cumulative)
Satisfactorily pass the comprehensive exam
Submit an acceptable dissertation proposal, complete a final product, and defend the dissertation before an academic panel
Complete the program within 8 consecutive years

Academic Information

Academic load : 3 units per semester
PhD participants who do not submit their dissertation within 3 years will pay a dissertation-semester fee from the 4th year
PhD participants who are not TTGU MDiv or ThM graduates should take the ThM GI8000 Research and Writing Seminar class as a P/NP requirement during their first semester