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About TTGU

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Torch Trinity Center for Spiritual Formation and Practical Theology
Torch Trinity Center for Spiritual Formation and Practical Theology (TTCSP) was founded in 2018 and was established basing itself on evangelistic theories and doctrines in order to provide various kinds of spiritual support for pastors, ministers, missionaries and other church members. In particular, TTSCP provide programs such as spiritual disciplines, worship and preaching studies and leadership programs that will help their spiritual maturation and enhancement of their ministry experience. There are three different departments within the center: (1) Spirituality Studies Department (2) Worship and Preaching Studies Department and (3) Leadership Studies Department.

[Spiritual Formation Department]
1. Support spiritual formation of seminary students by introducing mentors or spiritual directors.
2. For both missionaries and church members, Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction programs are offered.
- In collaboration with Continuing Education Center, “Christian Spirituality Academy” will operate. Currently Christian Spirituality Academy is made up of two different programs—“Spiritual Formation Program“ and “Spiritual Direction Program”
- 6 Week Program for “Group Spiritual Formation”
- Spiritual Retreat for 3 nights and 4 days will take place during summer and winter
- Obtain and organize spiritual directors list so that the directors can be paired up with those who wish to receive spiritual direction.
3. Share the results of studies that are related to Spiritual Formation and Christian Spirituality.


[Worship and Preaching Department]
1. Provide worship theories and programs for ministers.
2. Provide “Preaching Clinic Program” for ministers.
3. Provide “Alternative Ministry Program” for ministers.
4. Support publishing studies related to worship and preaching.


[Leadership Studies Department]
1. Provide studies and programs for biblical leadership and discipleship.
2. Provide leadership programs for female ministers and pastors.



Director and Department Head for Worship and Preaching: Dr. Deok Weon Ahn

Department Head for Spiritual Studies: Dr. Kang Hack Lee

Department Head for Leadership Studies: Dr. Jung-Sook Lee

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Location: B1, contact: / 02)570-7383