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About TTGU

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Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies

In 1992, the Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies (TTCIS) was established to cultivate a healthy atmosphere and attitude towards missions to Muslims. To this endeavor, the center has continuously been studying, publishing, and promoting ministry between the Korean church and the Islamic world.

The first half of this year opened with the center's Arabic language lectures, which is continuously very popular among various demographics. The center holds a beginner's Arabic class. The participants of the beginner's class will then later be able to take intermediate and advanced classes. The advanced class will allow students to read the Quran.

The center's journal, Muslim-Christian Encounter, publishes substantial material on Islamic theology, politics, and culture that are useful for ministry in the Islamic context. Two journal editions will be published in this year.


As TTCIS has been faithfully publishing its newsletter, Ishmael, Our Brother, for the past four years, the number of issues will be reached 121 later this year. It will contain dissertations and book reviews by missionaries as well as news and issues from the mission field.


Twice a year (spring/fall), open lectures on Islam are held by TTCIS for anyone who is interested in going or supporting missions in Islamic countries, maybe as missionaries, church leaders, and students or as professional lay persons. Our guest lecturers and speakers—all experts in the field of Islam mission and culture—bring valuable understanding of Islam theology and culture. Main topics for the lectures are understanding Islam, the theology of Islam, Muslim women and society, revival movements of Islam, Islamic Da’wah and how to evangelize Muslims, etc.

For more information, please contact TTCIS at 02)570-7563.