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2015.01.29 Views 127

Interview with Ano Peseyie

I am 25-year-old Neipukhmienuo Ano Peseyie from Nagaland , India . I am studying at Torch as a ThM student majoring in systematic theology. The oldest of four children, this is my first overseas journey to expand my theological education.

My spiritual journey started in September 1992. One day I came across a booklet that talked about the necessity of accepting Christ. I began to pray and read the Bible. I realized my sinfulness and my need to receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord. At that time, I had many family problems, but the Lord has delivered me out of them all!

Korea is impressive to me. I appreciate the friendly nature of the people and admire their love for God. The people are really nice and seem to have a continual smile on their faces. I like the way that Korean people work hard, and I appreciate their zeal for God, missions, and prayer. I believe that the Korean church is an example that we can follow. I like the Korean food too! In fact, I am enjoying it daily. The Korean people seem to squeeze the most out of life. They stay up late working and get up early for prayer. Still, I see many Koreans with their families on the weekend, in the mountains or at the park, taking care of the family element of living.

I am sure that God led me to TTGST. I heard about the school from the professors in the seminary where I studied at home. It is because of those professors and also because of the faculty here that I am in TTGST today. I know that God brought me here for a purpose, and He will carry me through all the studies and difficulties.

In my home church, I was serving as the Music Director. In the future, I will go back to Nagaland and serve in my home church as a minister. If the Lord leads me, I would love to teach in a seminary one day. I am still praying about His future leading while enjoying my studies at Torch!

God bless you all at Torch Trinity!


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