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Interview with Robert Khua Hnin Thang

Name: Robert Khua Hnin Thang

Country: Myanmar

My name is Robert Khua Hnin Thang and I was born into a Christian family. I have four brothers and one sister,?among whom?I am of the second oldest. I am married and have two lovely daughters. I have been serving at my church as an assistant pastor, since 1993. And since 1997, after getting my M. Div, I have been leading Old Testament and English at Zomi Theological College , Falam, Chin State .

Christianity in Myanmar is only 7% of the population. Christians are very few but very dedicated to mission works. Propagating the good news is not an easy job under a military government, and therefore very costly.

My first impression about Korea was good as it had to do with what I heard about her reputation for her mission work worldwide, revival, and church growth.

With regards to TTGST, it is very distinctive in its theological education based on the Word of God, its orientation to missions, and her academic excellence. These are the impressions that made me come here to TTGST, Korea .

Among many seminaries in Korea , I chose Torch Trinity for a threefold reason:

???? a:? It is an international school
???? b:? Its faculty of distinguished professors from both Korea and other countries
???? c:? Its student body comprised of different denominations and ethnicities.

My targeted vision is to contribute my knowledge to my people, to serve God as long as I live, and to be God's instrument in any way. This is my conviction: Whatever benefits I have received will turn to benefit the society in which I live.

Prayer requests are for political change in Myanmar , for Christians to witness among the heathens, and our mission work.


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