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2015.01.29 Views 366

Interview with Darlennjo Urmandel

My name is Darlennjo Urmandel but just call me Darlene for short. I have been a Christian since birth because my parents were both Believers when they got married. It really was a wonderful blessing to live in a Christian atmosphere. Though daily things and experiences have been difficult, God sustained me to overcome difficulties in life and draw closer to Him. I started teaching Sunday School when I was around 15 years old. It shaped my devotion to teaching. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. My mother died when I was an 11 year old girl and my father got married two years later to another woman so I have 6 half brothers and sisters. Financial scarcity led me to migrate from Mindanao to Visayas (2 years after my father's wedding) to work for an American missionary to pay for my high school education. Time came for her to go back home so I had to live alone. God brought me to Luzon (Manila) and there I finished A.B. Theology and M.Div.. I stayed in Manila for 10 years for ministry and studies.
Before I came to TTGST I taught Greek and Hebrew courses in 3 different seminaries (Presbyterian Theological Seminary or PTS, Manila Presbyterian Theological Seminary or MPTS and King's Mansion Bible Institute or KMBI). My country needs more harvesters. Although we are known to be a ""Christian nation"", the true essence of Christianity is not yet manifested to be as such.
As a result, I feel obligated and devoted to go back to my country after my studies to help seminaries produce more laborers in God's vineyard.

My first impression of Korea and TTGST is really good. It is my first time to be in such a great place with nice cool weather, and fabulous accommodation. There are highly educated professors though the class requirements are very tough. However, I trust God that His grace will enable me to do well.

I intentionally chose TTGST for further studies through the help of Jun Circulado (an alumni of TTGST) and because of the scholarship TTGST offers for students like me that cannot afford education due to financial scarcity. I cannot find this sort of opportunity in the Philippines for the Th. M. program. Thank God TTGST accepted me to be here because I really prayed for it.

My future vision is to serve God all the best I can in my country. It's my burning desire to let them benefit from my God-given opportunities to education, skills and blessings I am continually receiving day by day. May His name be glorified!

My prayer request is for health and a quick adjustment to the weather because it is much cooler than I am used to.

Thank you.