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2015.01.29 Views 143

Interview with Alem P. Sangtam

Family background:
Hi, I am Alem P. Sangtam from India . I have two elder brothers and a sister. Before coming to TTGST I was serving at a Bible College . India is the largest democratic country in the world. It is a land of color and contrast. It is a land of unity in diversity. India has thousands of people groups, hundreds of cultures, hundreds of languages. Despite all of the geographical, lingual, cultural and racial differences the democracy in India has survived. According to the 2000 Census, 2 percent of India 's 1 billion people are Christian.

What was your first impression of Korea as well as Torch Triniy Graduate school of Theology ?
My first impression in Korea was good. My first impression of TTGST was, “Wow!” People here are very kind and loving, helping me feel very much at home. I hope and pray that I can enjoy my two years of studies here.

Why did you choose Torch Trinity?
Though there are many other theological colleges all around the world, I chose TTGST. I would first like to testify that it was God's plan that I should come here to be equipped for the extensions of His Kingdom. Also, one of my friends told me about TTGST of its academic and spiritual excellence; and the visions of the college. They really impressed me a lot. That's why I chose TTGST as the place for my
molding and equipping place for my future ministry.

What is your future vision?
Upon the completion of my courses I will go back to my own country. As I have mentioned above, the percentage of Christianity in India is very small, showing that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers few. Hence, I have a burden for the perishing souls there. Indian Christians are going through a lot of persecution and trials and the love of God is urging me to carry out His Good News in order to fulfill the Great Commission. Therefore, I have a firm commitment to serve my people and my country.

What are your prayer requests?
1. Please pray for India because people are perishing every day without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
2. Pray for my studies, my needs, and my parents back home