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Who's Who

Interview with Raju Chhetri (Rejoice), M.Div. ?

Personal Profile:
My name is Raju Chhetri, and my Christian name is
Rejoice. I am from Nepal . M y home town is Pokhara
where I was born. Pokhara is the second city of Nepal .
Currently I live in Kathmondu, the capital city of Nepal .
I am in my M.Div 3 rd semester right now. I will hopefully
graduate in 2006.

Family background:
My grandfather was a Colonel of Nepali military service,
and my father was a captain of British army. They were
strong Hindu and wealthy family. They were proud of
their wealth and family status. They thought they don't
have any problem and lack nothing but have land, money, wealth, power, prestige and
everything. I have four brothers and one sister. Except my youngest brother and me,
they all are strong Hindus. Before his conversion, my youngest brother was involved
with politics. Since his conversion to Christianity he has been working with CCC
(Campus Crusade for Christ). Currently he is serving as a CCC regional Director.

Personal Testimony:
When I was Ten years old I went to India to study. I used stay with my aunt. My father
wanted to be a doctor which was not God's plan in my life. Since my aunt's husband
was an Indian Military officer they were transferred to many places and states of India .
Because of that I had a privilege to learn eight languages excluding my native tongue.
I firmly believe that it was God's plan to go to India for study and to stay with my aunt
family so that I will stay in my state of India and have a privilege to learn many languages
to minister different peoples. At that time I was not even a Christian yet but strong idol
worshipers, and was practicing all Hindu rituals and laws. I had everything but was not
happy with what I had who I was, but something striking my life. I was looking for peace
in my life. It happened that when I was in my teenage, I searched peace through worldly
pleasure like drinking alcohol and smoking my friend circle. I used get a lot of money from
my parents and relatives to use them for my pleaser and enjoyment, traveling here and
there. Yet I found no peace in my life but empty. So began to search for the real peal
peace that would last that would give the fullness of life.

One day I was drunk and walking along the road at midnight . I suddenly saw a very
strong light coming to my eyes and I heard the voice saying, “look the Christian people ,
they don't drink or smoke but they have peace and joy in their life.” Nobody witnessed
me or shared the gospel with. I even don't know any Christian s but that vision changed
my life , and since I started to search Christians. After two years I found one Church and
began to have fellowship in that church. I accepted the Jesus Christ as my personal
Lord and savior and was baptized in Kohima, Nagaland 1979 . After my conversion, I had
a very difficult time, because my family and relatives disowned me and made me an
outcast of the family Hindu high cast. After they drove me out form the family I didn't any
place to stay and eat. Since I was still very young, I got scared and cried. But God
provided a place for me to stay in friend's house. One year later God made a way for me
to study at both secular a theological college. I completed Diploma course in Bible college,
B. A and B . ed. at secular college . After wards I started ministry in 1992 and served as
Youth Director for the Nepal Christian fellowship ( NC F). At present I am serving as the
senior pastor of Maranatha Church in Kathmandu , Nepal . Under this Church we have five
? branch Churches in other parts of Nepal . I was also teaching in different Bible colleges,
doing evangelism in the western , eastern, and the central region of Nepal . I love to
preach the Gospel of Christ, I committed my life fully for His works what ever He has plan
in my life and I am ready to do this for His glory.

Country Profile
1. Name of the country: Nepal . This is the only Hindu country in the world.
2. Population of Nepal : 25 million
3. Religion: Hinduism 86.8%, Buddhism 7. 8%, Islam 3.2%, Christianity 2%
(in number one million), other religions 0.2%
4. Government System: Monarchy (Ruled by king
5. Society System: Highly cast system.
6. Language: about 44 languages. Nepali and English is the official language of Nepal .
The name of other languages are Maithali , Bhojpuri, Tamang, Abadhi, Tharu , Newari,
Magar , Rai-kirat , Gurung , Limbu, Bhote , Sherpa , Morang Desh, Rajbasi , Tajpria ,
Sater , Sunuwar , Danuwar, Santhali, Bengali, Chepang, Thager, thami, Dhimal,
Marwari , Majhi ,Thakali , Pahri, Hindi, Jirel, Urdu, Kumahl, Darai, Lapche , Mache ,
Raji ,Udissa, Kusundo, Sona , Badi, Dum. Chamar, Pode

This is my vision:
After I finish my Theological studies, I will continue my ministry. I have a plan to preach
the Gospel all over the Nepal through radio and television broadcasting and other media
ministries. Will also do church planting and youth program. I Have an orphanage ministry,
so I want to have a school orphans and shelter for homeless old people. Other visions
and plans that I have are medical camp and relief Ambulance service program, ministry
of human rights, prayer tower for 24 hours, missionary training center, vocational training
center for man and women, helping broken family and poor, homeless people, organizing
Revival Conference twice a year (east- west and central Nepal. I have a great apostolic
vision. Please pray for me and give me suggestions my visions will be fulfilled for the
glory of God!

First Impression about Korea:
Women are very active in church activities and are very prayerful which can't be seen in
Nepal . It impressed me so much. I saw many Korea Christians who are very mission
minded. They love to go to other countries and serve them. I am grateful with them for
their loving heart towards the people of unreached countries.

Sincerely in Christ
Ptr. Raju Chhetri