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2007 ~ The 16th Commencement Ceremony

???On December 27th, 2007, the 16th Commencement of Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology was held in Sarang Hall. In addition to visiting family and friends, the faculty and graduating class marched into the auditorium opening the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Academic Dean Dr. Jung-Sook Lee.

???A total 73 degrees were conferred: 5 MTS, 3 MA’s, 58 MDiv’s and 9 ThM’s. This year was particularly special as it marked the first graduates from Korean program since it was opened in 2005.

???During the ceremony, TTGST President Reverend Dr. Yong-Jo Ha delivered a sermon entitled 'Go and Serve' and encouraged the graduates to 'go and serve' the local churches and overseas ministries. At the close of the ceremony, TTGST's board members and faculty washed their feet blessing and commissioning them to do the Great Commission of the Lord.

???Below is the interview with our graduate, Arun Kumar (MDiv):

???“Torch Trinity has been a real blessing for me. Today, I could not stop tears from rolling down my cheeks almost all the time of the ceremony, even from the beginning. People were clapping as I entered the hall and I thought ‘Yeah, we achieved something!’ It is God that made it possible. So I thank God for everything especially for the opportunity to study in Torch Trinity. As for my future ministry... Well, when I go back to my country a few years later (I'll be studying more for doctoral course now) I want to start a theological training center. The education that I received from TTGST equipped me to do the things that I want to do. It equipped me theologically, practically and socially.”