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New Student Scholarship
New student scholarships are awarded to students in their first semester who have reached the highest and 2nd highest score in the general admissions evaluation. This scholarship will be awarded in a form of tuition deduction up to 30 to 50 percentage. PhD and ThM students are excluded from this scholarship award.
Torch Trinity Scholarships

Torch Trinity Graduate University offers various scholarships to students. TTGU scholarships are consisted of school scholarship and scholarship sponsored by outside donors. TTGU students are eligible to apply for scholarship from their 2nd semester. Scholarships may be awarded to students either in the form of tuition deduction or in the form of cash award.


Types of Scholarships

Merit Scholarship : These scholarships are awarded to the top/runner-up students of the MDiv/MA degree programs each semester.
President Scholarship


Financial Aid Scholarship : Students may apply for a financial aid scholarship by submitting an application by the announced deadline. To apply for Financial Aid Scholarships, individuals must be enrolled in a degree program.
- Financial Aid Scholarship, Ministerial Family Scholarship, Cross-cultural Missionary Scholarship, Student Family Scholarship, Kim Myung Soon Scholarship, Yee Lin Tseng Scholarship, Centennial Scholarship, Kim Hwan Hee Scholarship, Ko In Sun Memorial Scholarship, Missionary Scholarship


Sponsorships : Sponsorships are supported by scholarship foundations, churches, or other institutions. Students may apply for a sponsorship by submitting an application. *Book Scholarships may be given as gift certificates.
- Kim Sangbok Scholarship, Kyongwon Scholarship, Donghye Scholarship, Yeo Yu Bong Kwonsa Scholarship, TTGU Alumni Association Scholarship, KAICAM Scholarship, Bios International Scholarship Foundation Scholarship


Student Leader Scholarship : This scholarship is awarded to the Student Council president and vice-president for the term of their service. Student Council Leadership Scholarship


Student Internship/Work Scholarships: Students may work for the school office or for faculty; student internships are available for the school magazine and journal. Student work scholarships are available for chapel worship leaders and for work in the library and TTGU research centers.
Special Service Scholarship, Student Internship Scholarship, Student Work Scholarship


PhD Scholarships : PhD students may receive international scholarships or assistant scholarships.
PhD Mission Field Teaching Scholarship, Kim Hyun Sook Scholarship, Lee Jang Soo/Kim Sook Scholarship, PhD Research and Administration Assistant (RAA) Scholarship


Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS) : Apart from other scholarships, recipients for TSMS are selected through the separate admission process. Applicants from mission strategic countries are eligible to apply for TSMS. This scholarship's focus is to raise potential leader in the Majority World. It covers full-tuition as well as room and board. TSMS recipients must return to their home countries and do mission work/ministry at least for two years upon their graduation.

Scholarship Information