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Torch Trinity Graduate University

PhD Admissions for Fall 2015



I. Degree Available






Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Biblical Studies
Theological/Historical Studies
Intercultural Studies
Educational Studies

3 Years


II. Admissions Qualifications

A. Common Qualifications

1. A confessing and mature believer (who has the assurance of salvation) with a letter of reference from a pastor

2. An Accredited bachelor's degree holder or equivalent as recognized by law (completed before commencing graduate studies)

B. For PhD Qualifications, see your interested area of study:

1. Biblical Studies, Historical/Theological Studies, and Educational Studies

a. Approved MDiv degree or equivalent master’s degree in related studies, and a minimum GPA of 3.3/4.0 (B+) from the master-level degree

b. Prerequisites required for deficiencies in related coursework

2. Intercultural Studies

a. Approved MDiv degree or equivalent master’s degree in related studies, and a minimum GPA of 3.3/4.0 (B+) from the master-level degree

b. 3 years of intercultural ministry experience

c. Prerequisites required for deficiencies in missiological coursework


III. Admissions Events



Test in Advance

English Program

Paper Screening, Interview

English, Personal Inventory Test


IV. Admissions Schedule

설명: blank Event



Form Download

From Apr. 20, 2015

Download at School Website

Online Application & Application Fee

9am, May. 11 -

5pm, May. 21, 2015

- Application is completed after 1) online application, 2) documents submission, and 3) application fee payment, and then individual “evaluation number” is given. Applicant should print out it at school website.

Submission of Required Documents (including TOEFL Score)

By Post: should be arrived until May. 22, 2015.

Office Hours to Hand in: 9am-5pm, May. 18-21

Personal Inventory Test Period

4-6pm, Thu. May. 21 or

4-6pm, Thu. May. 28

* Place: Room 201 (2F)

- Take one of the tests.

- Register on the spot 10 minutes before.

- Test fee is 15,000 won (Cash Payment)


Wed., Jun. 10, 2015

1 pm

- Individual interview time will be announced on the day.

Final Result of Admission

Mon., Jun. 15, 2015

After 3 pm

- School Website


V. Required Documents

A. “Online Application” at School Website (

B. Admissions Application (use the form provided, attached 1 photo to it)

C. Personal Statements (use the form provided)

D. 3 References Letters (use the form provided) in Signed Sealed Envelopes (from the following persons who have a good knowledge of the applicant)

1. 1 from Applicant's Pastor or Church Leader

2. 2 from Applicant's Former Professor

E. Bachelor and Master Degree’s Graduation Certificate(s) in English

F. Bachelor and Master Degree’s Official Transcript(s) in English from All Undergraduate and Graduate Schools Previously Attended

G. Result of Standardized English Test

H. For PhD Applicants

1. PhD Research Proposal

2. Copy of Thesis from Master’s Level Study (if available)

3. Required Documents for Each Area

a. Biblical Studies, Theological/Historical Studies, and Educational Studies:

b. 1 copy of research paper written in English from master’s level study

c. Intercultural Studies: 1 copy of research paper written in English from master’s level study, and mission/intercultural ministry certificate

d. Christian Counseling [Korean Program]: Clinical Certificate

I. Certificate of Baptism or a Letter from the Applicant’s Pastor

J. Church Attendance Letter (use the form provided)

K. A Copy of Passport and Alien Registration Card - international applicant only

L. Financial Statement (use the form provided) and Bank Account Statement - international applicant only

M. Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information (use the form “Privacy Note”)


VI. Application Fee : 90,000 won

Transfer the application fee to school’s bank account.

Woori Bank 1005-602-443681 / Account Holder: TTGU (횃불트리니티신학대학원대학교)


Please download the attached file for International Admission & General Admission's guideline about admissions qualification, procedure, and required documents for details. Thank you.

일반전형과 외국인전형의 입학모집요강 (첨부파일)을 다운로드하여 입학자격, 입시일정, 제출서류의 자세한 사항을 반드시 확인하여 주십시오. 감사합니다.


Tel. 02)570-7375 Admissions Office

문의 02)570-7375 입학담당자