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Change of Program
Application Period
- Students can only change their program of study within the given application period
- Spring Semester : End of December to the Middle of January
- Fall Semester : End of June to the Middle of July
Possible Changes in Program
- Program : Among MA, MDiv, and MTS
- Major : in MA (CC/CE), in ThM (OT/NT/ST/ITS/CE)
- Language : MDiv, MA (only within the same major)
- Full time / EXPAT
- Students are not allowed to change their program during their first semester of study
- Change of program acceptance will be decided by the Academic Committee
- Students may only change their program once during their entire period of study
  • Fill Out an Application for Change of Program

  • Print Application Form

  • Get Approval from Academic Advisor

  • Submit Application to Admissions Office

  • Application will be Reviewed

  • Student will be Notified of Result

Form Download
Application for Change in Program Major