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10th Anniversary Commemoration

On October 9th 2008, Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology celebrated its 10th anniversary. The commemoration was held in Joy Hall at 4 PM. Many honored guests joined in the celebration as the faculty marched in to open the ceremony, with international students displaying their national flags to show the diversity of the school's student body. The Academic Dean, Dr. Jung-Sook Lee, presided over the evening.

Greetings were given by the President Emeritus, Dr. Kenneth M. Meyer and the incumbent president, Dr. Yongjo Ha. Dr. Myer spoke on Torch Trinity's history in his greetings and he gave thanks to God for the blessings that had begun at the opening of the school and that continue to this day. Dr. Ha presented his appreciation to Torch Trinity's first president, Dr. David Sangbok Kim, for laying the ""root"" of the school and to Dr. Meyer for constructing the ""trunk."" Considering Torch Trinity's purpose for mission work, Dr. Ha shared that his goal is to ""bloom"" and ""harvest"" from what Dr. Kim and Myer had sown. He continued, ""Since this school is mission- oriented, it identifies the Great Commission with its own goal. Thus, the destiny of this school is the same as that of our nation.""

Initial greetings were followed by a conferment ceremony. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Torch Trinity presented three honorary doctorate degrees to three prominent Christian leaders who have contributed to the advancement of God's kingdom, both in Korea as well as in the rest of the world. The Honorary Doctorate of Divinity was presented to Rev. Tatshuhiro Mineno, senior pastor of Tokyo Yodobashi Church and to Rev. David Ross, the founder of Youth With A Mission Korea (YWAM Korea). The Honorary Doctorate of Christian Education was presented to Dr. Young Gil Kim, the president of Handong University .

Expressing his gratitude to Torch Trinity, Dr. Mineno stood on the honor platform saying, ""I receive this great honor as a representative pastor of Japan . I will serve the Kingdom of God more fervently."" Dr. Ross gave thanks to God for His good works that had been done through Torch Trinity throughout the world. Dr. Kim also expressed his thanks to God saying, ""This is the most glorious moment of my life. Now that God honored me, I will obey Him more. This will be the plaque of my obedience."" The first part of the commemoration ended with a prayer of blessing by Dr. Sangbok Kim.

Torch Trinity's Chairperson, Dr. Hyung Ja Lee greeted guests and visitors and briefly explained the history and development of Torch Trinity: how God started this school and led it through with blessings to this day. Torch Trinity also commemorated 23 individuals who have served the school faithfully. Appreciation plaques were presented to members of the staff and faculty as a token of the school's gratitude for their meritorious works and service. Video presentations were made on the ministry of Torch Trinity alumni in Nepal followed by special music and drama performances by students, all adding to the celebratory mood of the evening. At the close of the ceremony, Torch Trinity offered God sincere thanksgiving, remembering His grace over the past 10 years and expecting His greatness through the next 100 years.