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Teaching the Word! Changing the World!

2021 Open House

Welcome to Open House for Admission 2021
Thursday, September 24, 2020





Introduction to
Torch Trinity
& Ten Questions
for Admission

     Ten Questions for Admission

  • 13:10   Q1. Who is Torch Trinity looking for?
  • 14:12   Q2. Will all classes be held online next year?
  • 15:18   Q3. Can I apply for the English program?
  • 17:09   [English program applicants] English proficiency evaluation
  • 18:41   Q4. How do I take an interview?
  • 19:36   Q5. How can I prepare for the Bible exam? -General Admission only
  • 21:03   Q6. Why am I taking the personal inventory test?
  • 22:36   Q7. Please tell me about scholarships and dormitories
  • 25:24   Q8. How can I get the ACSI Teacher Certificate?
  • 28:25   Q9. I want to know more about TTGU school life
  • 30:35   Q10. Please introduce academic resource and research centers



Campus Tour with
Student Council




Tuition Information (as of 2020)


Scholarship Information (as of 2020)


Dormitory Information (as of 2020)


[TTCBR] 『Bible Exam Study Guide 2nd Edition』 Online Order
General Admission Applicants Only


[TTCEC] Online Lecture for STTEP & Bible Exam
General Admission Applicants Only


Sample Question of STTEP, Essay Writing (pdf)
General Admission Applicants Only