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Greetings from the President



Torch Trinity was founded by the combined efforts of the Korean Center for World Missions (Seoul, South Korea) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL, USA) in 1997 with full accreditation from the Korean government. It opened its doors in 1998 to students who were dedicated to minister to unreached people groups. Our purpose is to educate, equip, and send Christian leaders and missionaries worldwide. English is intentionally the main teaching language of this international campus.

The school was originally named Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology (TTGST). Dr. Hyung Ja Lee pioneered the school's establishment and was installed as the school's chairperson (1997-present). In addition, three presidents successively served under the TTGST name: Dr. Sang Bok David Kim (1997-2001), Dr. Kenneth M. Meyer (2001-2005), and Dr. Yong Jo Ha (2005-2011). The school graduated its first class in 2000 and its first master of divinity class graduated in 2001. Under the leadership of President Ha, the school became bilingual with the addition of the Korean program, expanded with the creation of new research centers, formed honorary chairs, and conferred honorary doctorates.

During this time, our beloved Angel Project was initiated, where faculty and students are able to visit and experience the mission field firsthand by visiting the ministries of alumni peppered over fifty countries in the Majority World. Our goal is to encourage our graduates and learn from them to advance theological education and its practical application in the mission field. We are committed to ensure that our school is current with the latest events, methods, and tools to fulfill the Great Commission worldwide.

After the sudden departure of President Ha, the founding president, Dr. Sang Bok David Kim, was reinstalled as the fourth president (2011-present). Under his direction, the school changed its English appellation to Torch Trinity Graduate University to reflect a more accurate translation of the Korean name. The change foreshadowed developments to come: a new building, cyber and technological expansion, and the launch of additional doctoral programs in biblical, educational, and theological/historical studies.

Currently, Torch Trinity has a student body with over five hundred students and over thirty countries have been represented on our campus. Students can choose to join one of two language programs: English or Korean. There are six degree programs instructed by twenty-six, globally-minded, full-time faculty members and thirteen adjuncts from eight departments. Every full-time professor and lecturer at Torch Trinity has a doctorate from on accredited school (100% doctoral rate).

Torch Trinity Graduate University endeavors to educate Christians in a Gospel-passionate, mission-focused, and academically excellent environment. We are committed to meeting as many needs as possible with every resource available to Christians around the globe. We train Christians to become the leaders of tomorrow – teaching the Word and changing the world!

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