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  • Q: Tatler Reveals Westminster Wives Everyone Wants At Dinner Parties
    Facebook Releases New Video Ad Features, Including ...

    There is nothing worse than being sat next to a dull conversationalist at a dinner party, particularly when you're at a table of Wesminster VIPs. 


    The women are formidable in their own right, with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab's wife Erika Rey-Raab, a formal Google high-flyer, and artist Nicola Green, the artist wife of Labour MP David Lammy, both making the cut.  

    Some, like Serbian-born opera singer Nevena Bridgen, who made a splash with her Wives of Westminster blog, are not afraid to step out into the spotlight.

    Others, like Sir Keir Starmer's wife Victoria, prefer to keep a low profile. 

    Here, a closer look at some of the Westminster WAGs who are sure to shine at your next soiree. 


    Wife of: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen

    Plenty of 'zip and zing': Nevena Bridgen, wife of Andrew, is sure to make her mark on any social gathering.

    The Serbian-born opera singer made a splash with her Wives of Westminster blog

     Navena's blog  provides mix of political musings, property porn and a luxurious 'aspirational' shopping column showcasing designer items worth thousands of pounds

    Serbian-born Nevena, who wed Andrew in 2017 after they met through friends, is the daughter of a retired jazz musician father and a psychologist mother.

    She grew up under a largely communist regime, singing in bomb shelters during the Yugoslav Wars, before moving to London from Belgrade to study at the Guildhall School of Music.

    She is now a Lead Soloist of the National Theatre in Belgrade.  

    As well as her singing career she runs the Wives of Westminster website, a glamorous lifestyle hub aimed at the spouses of elected officials - provided they're 'fashionable, sophisticated women with brains, hearts and style'.

    It provides a mix of political musings, property porn and a luxurious 'aspirational' shopping column showcasing designer items worth thousands of pounds.

    It's also littered with beguiling photos of Nevena at a string of high profile events; posing with her husband at one of the Queen's Buckingham Palace garden parties, pouting outside Chequers, grinning beside Theresa May at 10 Downing Street and vidéo preparing for a photoshoot in a stylish hotel

    The blog has been lambasted by a number of politicans but Nevena has staunchly defended her site, claiming she sees it as challenging stereotypes and her attempt to step 'out of the shadow of the role that is given to you when you're a political spouse'.

    The blog continues to offer advice to fellow 'modern political spouses', pointing out that nothing in their life is private if their other half is running or holding public office. Interviewees include Felicity Cornelius-Mercer, who is also on Tatler's list.

    Mr Bridgen separated from his first wife, Jackie, with whom he has two children, in 2011 and they later divorced.

    He and Nevena married in 2017 and have a child together.  

    Tatler notes Mrs Bridgen has plenty of 'zip and zing' and is sure to make her mark on any social gathering. 

    She also has a penchant for designer clothes, so 'ask her about her love of Saint Laurent handbags and Prada boots', the magazine suggests. 


    Wife of: Chancellor Rishi Sunak 

    Mrs Dishy Rishi! Chancellor Rishi Sunak is married to Akshata Murthy, whose father N.R.

    Narayana Murthy is India's sixth-wealthiest man. Pictured, the couple together

    Happy family: The couple, pictured with their daughters, met at Stanford University, in California, and married in her home city of Bangalore in 2009 in a two-day ceremony

    Business savvy: Akshata herself runs fashion label Akshata Designs and is also a director of a venture capital firm founded by her father in 2010.

    Pictured, with her husband and children

    Coveted: The Sunaks reportedly host 'fabulous dinner parties' at their Georgian manor in the Yorkshire Dales (pictured) - and if you you might just get an invitation in return 

    Chancellor 'Dishy' Rishi Sunak has been repeatedly tipped as a 'prime minister-in-waiting' since entering the House of Commons five years ago, but Tatler promises it is his wife, Akshata Murthy, who 'really dazzles'. 

    Akshata, who runs her own clothing label Akshata Designs, is the daughter of India's sixth-wealthiest man, N.R.

    Narayana Murthy, making the Sunaks household names in India. 

    Her father made his £2billion fortune through his ownership of multinational business technology giant Infosys, which is today valued at around £33.3billion.

    Despite the family's extraordinary wealth, Akshata had a notably 'low key' style, according to Indian press, and did not splash the cash as one might expect. 

    She met Rishi at Stanford University in California, where he had travelled on a Fulbright scholarship after graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford.

    The couple, who now have two daughters married in her home city of Bangalore in 2009 in a two-day ceremony attended by 1,000 guests.

    The nuptials made national news. 

    Akshata started her career in finance and marketing before switching directions and moving into fashion design. Speaking to Vogue India, she said she hoped her clothes, which draw on traditional Indian fabrics and crafting techniques, serve as a 'passport to other cultures'.   

    The businesswoman is also a director of a venture capital firm founded by her father in 2010.

    Her shareholding in Infosys alone is estimated at £185million. 

    This, combined with Mr Sunak's own multi-million pound fortune earned through his investment career, has led the couple to be dubbed the 'Maharaja and Maharani of the Dales'.

    Tatler noted Mrs Sunak is even more dazzling than Dishy Rishi, who has become something of a lockdown heartthrob.

    But the big benefit of inviting the Sunaks is that you might soon get your own invitation in return. 

    'Akshata and Rishi are known to host fabulous dinner parties at their Georgian manor in the Yorkshire Dales,' the article note.  


    Wife of: vidéo Labour MP David Lammy   

    A-list fans: Nicola, wife of David Lammy and described by Tatler as a 'feisty conversationalist', is a talented portrait artist whose subjects range from Elle Macpherson to the Dali Lamma

    Night on the town: Nicola Green and David Lammy attend a West End premiere in 2014

    With high profile collaborations with the likes of Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis under her belt, it is of little surprise artist Nicola Green, wife of Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy, appears on Tatler's list of women you might want to have round your dinner table. 

    Nicola, daughter of the founder of the British Lung Foundation, Professor Sir Malcolm Green, graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1998 with an MFA and has gone on to build a career as an internationally renowned portrait artist. 

    In 2008 she was given unprecedented access to presidential candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail and produced a series of silk-screen prints, In Seven Days, which were donated to the Library of Congress. 

    Green's work is also in the private collections of celebrities including Nigella Lawson, Elle Macpherson, Richard Curtis, Emma Freud, Norman Cook, Angus Deayton, The Hons Nicholas and Charlotte Lloyd Webber, and Sir Alex Ferguson. 

    Although both Ms Green and Mr Lammy like to keep details of their private life under wraps, it is thought the couple met in the early 2000s at a singles party organised by former Bethnal Green and Bow MP Oona King. 

    The couple, both supporters of Tottenham Hotspur, live in London with their three children. 

    Described as Tatler as a 'fiery conversationalist', Nicola would certainly have plenty of stories to tell.

    Among the most fascinating would surely be of supermodel Elle Macpherson, with whom she has been friends for more than a decade. 

    Speaking in 2013, Elle told how she helped Green find the dress she wore to Obama's inauguration.  

    'One afternoon she [Nicola] was visiting for lunch when she suddenly said, "I have a dinner to go to and I don't know what to wear!" So I asked, "What kind of dinner is it?" And it was for Obama's inauguration, at the White House.

    So I said, "Right, come upstairs," and we went through my wardrobe. 

    'To be honest, I never thought we'd find something that would fit; I'm 6ft tall. But we found this royal-blue satin dress and she put it on and she looked so beautiful and elegant.'


    Wife of: Tory MP Johnny Mercer  

    Bootcamp training: Felicity has been married to Tory MP Johnny Mercer, pictured, since his days in the Armed Forces, when she lived the 'nomadic' existence of an Army wife

    Political ambitions: Mr and Mrs Mercer are based in a small village in Cornwall with their three children, but Felicity is rumoured to have her sights set on No.

    10, according to Tatler 

    Felicity Cornelius-Mercer has been married to Tory MP Johnny since his days in the Armed Forces, when she lived the 'nomadic' existence of an Army wife. 

    The experience gave her some important training for a life as a Westminster plus-one. 

    'Being a military wife is very similar in a lot of ways to being a politician's wife,' she said in an interview with Mrs Bidgen's Wives of Westminster blog. 

    'You are the auxillary team; supporting and helping wherever you can; building relationships with the community around you and having an active role in military or political life.'

    However she noted there are some major differences between the two. 

    'Johnny's time in the military were some of our best years and some of our hardest years.

    These years have shaped us and our relationship to give us the strength to take on a political career as a team.

    'This is the polar opposite to taking on a political life, where it is divisive from the very beginning through the election process.
    The military was a safe, trusting, loving and supportive environment. Wider politics is anything but.'

    Despite her reservations about the skulduggery of Westminster, Mrs Mercer seems keen to stay. 

    'Felicity is rumoured to have her sights fixed firmly on the door to No.

    10 and says she's a 100 per cent "in" political spouse,' Tatler notes.  

    The couple, who have three children, are based in a small village in Cornwall.   


    Wife of: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab 

    High-flyer: Brazilian-born Erika Rey brings 'much-needed glamour to the drab halls of Westminster', notes Tatler and embraces the job of an MP's wife 'with enthusiasm'.

    Biggest supporter: Erika cheers as he makes his acceptance speech in December last year

    Brazilian-born Erika Rey brings 'much-needed glamour to the drab halls of Westminster', notes Tatler and embraces the job of an MP's wife 'with enthusiasm'. 

    She and Dominic met in 2002 at a party with friends.

    'It was an instant attraction,' she said in a previous interview. 'My best friend married his best friend as well, which is really nice.'

    However Dominic put a foot wrong while trying to make small talk with Erika, then a marketing student. 

    She recalled in a 2019 interview with The Times: 'He actually made a big mistake.

    It was a week after Brazil had knocked England out of the World Cup and he asked if I was from Argentina. If you are from Brazil, that is bad.'

    The couple managed to recover from the early faux pas and maintained a long-distance relationship while Erika moved to Madrid for a year.

    The couple flew back and forth between Spain and London to visit each other.  

    Dominic proposed on Christmas Eve in 2004.   

    Erika climbed the ranks professionally, eventually landing a role as a marketing executive at Google.
    She gave up her role earlier this year, shortly before her husband became de-facto Prime Minister when Boris Johnson was rushed into intensive care. 

    Erika and Dominic spend most of their time at home in Thames Ditton, Surrey, with their sons, Peter and Joshua.

    However the couple also enjoy the use of the Chevening, their grace-and-favour country pile in Kent. 

    Play your cards right and you just might be invited over for dinner in return.   


    Wife of: Jo Johnson

    Differing views: Guardian journalist and Labour party member Amelia Gentleman is married to Jo Johnson, former universities minister, Tory MP and - most notably - the younger brother of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Pictured, the couple in September 2014

    Journalist and Labour party member Amelia Gentleman is married to Jo Johnson, former universities minister, Tory MP and - most notably - the younger brother of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    Although Jo stood down from his Orpington seat last year, Amelia remains a 'notable political consort', notes Tatler, thanks to her husband's newly elevated position in the House of Lords.  

    However Amelia, an ardent Remainer and award-winning writer for the Guardian, has decidedly different political leanings to her brother-in-law.  

    Indeed the chasm between them is said to have grown to the point where she gave her husband an ultimatum before her resigned last year.

    She is said to have told her husband: 'It is me or Boris', before he stepped down over an 'unresolvable tension' between family loyalty and family interest. 

    Amelia is a close friend of Marina Wheeler, the Prime Minister's ex-wife, and is thought to have been on her side during divorce proceedings. 

    A source told The Sun at the time: 'She hated to see her beloved sister-in-law being put through the mill by Boris.

    'While Marina was recovering from two operations for cervical cancer, Boris was off gallivanting with Carrie Symonds.

    'It didn't sit well with her and she gave Jo a very hard time over it.'

    Jo and Amelia, a Labour Party member and the daughter of artist David Gentleman, have two children together. 

    She is a reporter at The Guardian where she spent six months reporting on the Windrush scandal, which broke in April 2018 and within weeks led to resignation of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. 

    Her writing focuses mainly on how government policy 'impacts people beyond Westminster'. 


    Wife of: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer 

    Low key: Victoria made a rare public appearance two weeks ago at a service to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey, London, pictured

    Out of the spotlight: Sir Keir and Victoria prefer to keep details of their private lives to themselves.

    Pictured, the couple clapping for carers outside their home

    Proud parents: Victoria and Keir, who were photographed 'clapping for carers' during lockdown, share a son and daughter, who are also kept out of the public eye

    Labour grandees: Christian Percy, Tulip Saddiq, Keir and Victoria Starmer

    As wife of the leader of the Opposition, Victoria holds serious power when it comes to the Westminster social scene but would rather stay out of the spotlight. 

    'She is ambitious but never arrogant, clever without being condescending and an excellent cook,' friends told Tatler. 

    It is of little wonder then that invitations to Friday night Shabbat dinner at the Starmer's £1.75million Camden home are 'highly prized'.

    See the full feature in the November issue of Tatler, available via digital download and newsstands now

    However you would do well to break into the inner circle, for Sir Keir and Victoria prefer to keep details of their private lives to themselves. 

    The low-key couple met while they were both working as lawyers in the early 2000s, although exactly how they were introduced is not known. 

    Victoria worked as a solicitor before retraining as an occupational therapist.

    She now works for the NHS. 

    Victoria and Keir, who were photographed 'clapping for carers' during lockdown, share a son and daughter, who are also kept out of the public eye. 

    Victoria made a rare public appearance two weeks ago at a service to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey, London.

    The family suffered a devastating blow in February when Victoria's mother died following an accident.

    Sir Keir, then a contender for leader of the Labour party, took time off engagements to be with his wife and children. 

    See the full feature in the November issue of Tatler, available via digital download and newsstands now 

  • Q: How To Manage Your Poker Chips Stack For A Winning Online Poker Play
    Poker first became available online towards the mid 1990s and also, since its inception it's got stood a colourful history. Before there were poker as we know it today, there was clearly a time when IRC Poker ruled the virtual world. This was basically a game title that has been played through a chat client and similar to chess, players was required to get into their moves as well as leaving this program to perform those things on their behalf.

    But if you wish to become full-time poker player, you will need to find out proper bankroll management books on the internet and you refer those books while deciding the amount of buy ins and bet bets to begin your poker career with. You also need to devote adequate time for you to boost your poker playing abilities at high stakes table.

    There are many restrictions in playing poker. It differs totally business games most of the time. The following are some of them: it's got limits on number of rounds of betting, bet criteria, quantity of members playing the sport, means of dealing they and regarding winner of game, it may be either low or high hand. Mostly, the first round begins with force bet in every modern poker games and then the process continues with all the left side. In turn, each and idnpoker every player should either cross fold or maximum of previous bet criteria.

    There are several opportunities in Texas Hold'em Poker that will assist you raise your likelihood of winning. You may use the very best online casino bonus codes or apply gaming strategies in your matches. Learning strategies that you can apply before playing may also reap you great rewards. Since you are just not used to Texas Hold'em poker, it really is already a given that you just commence with playing at low limits poker games. It is necessary that you simply start at low limit as a way to strengthen the foundation of the knowledge regarding the casino game. As you boost your gaming, you are able to climb up the ladder and face tougher opponents. It is easy to beat low limit Texas hold'em poker. If you are set on moving up the rank in a faster pace then it's necessary that you simply learn gaming ways of help you out. Likewise, because you rise in limits, you'll realize which you strategy may also have to further improve and evolve.

    Female poker players who grasp "position" can effectively create a high stake to steal the blinds with weak starting cards, so long as your counterparts haven't in essence acquired a read. Citing to the primal drive, female poker players are able to use more than merely a bet to steal a pot. There are certain flirtations, for example design of dress and looks that can be used to unhinge male players into losing a hand.
  • Q: Feel The Excitement Playing Online Bingo Games
    Understanding Who The Captain Is- When playing poker, players usually fall into familiar roles at the table; the loose donkey, the uber rock, etc. Eventually, however, one player (or sometimes two) will take the reins because "table captain" of your particular table. This player may be the focus of the table, whether it's due to his mammoth chip stack, his hyper aggressive play, and even his celebrity status within the poker world; in any case, the action and tempo of the table will likely be driven by that player over some other factor you'll see at the table, especially at cash games or deeper stacked tourneys. If Tony G is a your table as captain, running over people who have all kinds of wild hands and 3/4 betting liberally, you'll see play chill out quickly and starting hand ranges widen to consider benefit from the G's super wide range. Be sure to quickly identify at any new table who the pinnacle honcho is, or idnpoker if you're inheriting the role yourself, as this is vital information for reacting to table shifts while you play at any table.

    Many poker players have grown to be the victim of a lot of suckouts in on-line poker without realizing where or how those poker bad beats are possible. Some will exclaim that internet poker is rigged, while some will complain that we now have just lots of donkeys playing poker online. The truth is actually within each of those arguments.

    1. Take note that in poker, using way too many hands is a big NO! One of the most common mistakes committed by new poker players is messing around with way too many hands. This approach will simply get them to to vent from the position. If you're a poker newbie, try examining your range as you become more experience playing poker.

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  • Q: Strategi Terpandai Kemendagri Game Poker Lapak Online Terpercaya
    After His Wife Passes Away, Husband Posts Her Goodbye Letter That\u2019s Both Funny And TouchingPaling baru bagi banyak banyak sekali permainan poker lapak online terpercaya yang tersedia pun sanggup dimainkan.

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    Memperoleh sebab Melampaui batas badan pengawasan obat dan makanan melaksanakan sangatlah disarankan banyak sekali untuk kamu bisa mempelajari tahun gimana sebenarnya bagaimanakah pilih permainan yang sesuai itu.

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  • Q: [Dormitory] 1. What are the criteria for selecting dormitory residents?

    In keeping with our founding philosophy, we give priority to TSMS (Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship) students from unreached ethnics. In the case of Korean students and other international students except TSMS students, freshmen will get the next priority depending on the distant. Those who have long distance from TTGU to their home will get priority. 


    (The order is as follows: 1. TSMS Students 2. RA 3. the disabled 4. 1st and 2nd year of Ph. D. Students 5. International freshmen and 1st & 2nd year of international students. 6. Missionary children 7. Korean freshmen 8. Others)

  • Q: [Dormitory] 2. How do I apply for a dormitory?

    Access the Academic System in our homepage and click “Dormitory Application” menu!

  • Q: [Dormitory] 3. What tests do I need to take from the Health Service Center before entering a dormitory?

    Health certificate from the Health Service Center (including pulmonary tuberculosis radiography)


    *Use for public facilities

  • Q: [Dormitory] 4. What do I need to bring before entering a dormitory?

    Blankets, pillows, toiletries and towels.

  • Q: [Registration] 1. Can I take a leave of absence for the first semester in the first year and pay tuition in installments?

    Freshmen cannot take the first semester off. In addition, tuition and entrance fee should be paid in one lump sum 

  • Q: [Registration] 2. Can I withdraw from school during the leave of absence?

    You can apply for withdrawal from school during the leave of absence. Tuition refunds will vary depending on the number of days you have taken until the day you apply for the leave of absence.

  • Q: [Registration] 3. What is the tuition refund policy when I drop out of school.

    In accordance with the Policy of University Tuition & Fees 

    -From the date on which the course begins, up to 30 days: 5/6 of tuition

    -From the date on which the course begins, up to 60 days: 2/3 of tuition

    -From the date on which the course begins, up to 90 days: 1/3 of tuition


    -After 90 days from the date on which the course begins: no refund

  • Q: [Registration] 4. Hos can I get a scholarship loan from the Korean Student Aid Foundation?

    You can apply by accessing the website of the Korea Student Aid Foundation( during the payment period. You need your Authorized Certificate in order to access it. Foreign nationals and those who pay in installments can not apply.

  • Q: [Registration] 5. How can I print my tuition bill?

    Access the online service of TTGU (,


    log in, click “Tuition Payment” and then “Tuition Bill,” and print out your bill.

  • Q: [Registration] 6. How do I apply to pay in installments?

    You can pay your bill within three installments. 


    Access the online service (, log in,  click “Tuition“ and click “Installment.“

  • Q: [Registration] 7. Can I pay my tuition by credit card?

    No. You can not.

  • Q: [Academics] test


  • Q: [Dormitory] 5. Can I use the dormitory during vacation?


    Yes, students can apply for and use a dormitory.

  • Q: [Registration] 8. Can I receive a year-end tax deduction by the certificate of education expenses payment?

    Only the student’s year-end tax with respect to education expenses can be deducted. You cannot apply by adding your family member’s education expenses.

  • Q: [Registration] 9. How much is the tuition fee per (extra) credit hour?

    -M.Div. ₩240,000, -M.T.S. ₩340,000, -MWCM ₩350,000

    -M.A. ₩300,000 (Practical training expense ₩500,000), 

    -Th.M. ₩440,000 –M.Ed. ₩395,000

    -Ph.D. ₩500,000 (Practical training expense ₩800,000)

  • Q: [Registration] 10. If I take a leave of absence after paying my tuition. Can I get the paid tuition back?

    No, you cannot. The tuition paid at the time of leave of absence, however, will be replaced by the tuition for next semester. If you withdraw from school, the tuition fee will be refunded variously based on the date you apply for the leave of absence. (Tuition refund will be executed in accordance with Article 6 of the Policy of University Tuition & Fees)